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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hello all!!! Okay, so at least hello to maybe the three that are following me, if that. Still, there is something theraputic about speaking to an unknown audience even if no one else is listening.

I really have the best news I ever thought possible. I am brainstorming and even starting to write my second novel!! And I'm not even talking about the sequel to Jhevalia, but a completely different book. I am sooooo enthusiastic about this new project. More importantly, I'm finally starting to feel like an author. At first, I was just the author of a certain story with characters I have been acquainted with for nearly five years now. But this proves that I have other ideas and could make a living thinking of new ones. I am just so thrilled.

In this new book entitled Whispers, I won't disclose too much except that it is a futuristic novel about government with a hint of fantasy and science fiction. I am so excited to write something this deep. It goes through the necessity of real, loving communication and the dangers of a all too powerful government. I cannot believe how exhilarated I am about writing this new story. And no, I have most definitely not forgotten about Jhevalia and my beloved characters. I just two days ago sent out another five queries. I have already received one negative response, but that still leaves the number at six left. I guess we'll see what happens.

I got accepted to BYU last Tuesday and have been on cloud nine since then. I'm so excited for college life. It's going to be amazing!!! The only sad part is that I wanted to major in creative writing, but they do not offer such a major. I suppose I will major in English with maybe an emphasis on literature. Not sure yet.

My Goal: To find a suitable agent before I start BYU in the fall. I'm simply not going to take no for an answer. I feel different now. It's like coming up with another book has proven that I am truly an AUTHOR!!!

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