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Friday, February 12, 2010

Jolly Old St. Valentine... wait... uhhhh

Valentines Day. It's the center of great dispute that probably goes past any other holiday. There are those who hate it fervently, referring to it as a sick excuse to parade a relationship. On the other hand, there are those who love the chance to show how significant their other truly is.

My fondest memories (note the sarcasm) of Valentine's Day bring me back to life in Junior High. It's hilarious to remember all those little tiny people giving flowers and making promises. Then again, there were the others, people who at the mental age of two never had a girlfriend/boyfriend. To show their personal independent nature, they wore badges to proclaim to everyone that they were ignoring this heart-filled holiday.

I don't believe I take either side in this never-ending battle. I have fond memories of making valentines for my classmates in Elementary School. Everyone got one from everyone, in that way provoking no one to jump off a roof from lack of love and attention. On the other hand, perhaps this ooey gooey holiday is centered too much around those with boyfriends and girlfriends. And maybe all those people out there who feel alone and unloved from the lack thereof should take a minute and look around. Cut out some construction paper and make dorky looking valentines for your parents, your friends, your neighbors. Perhaps we should all make this holiday a time to remember the people we care about and those who care about us. We should remember all those who have pushed us to become what we are and who continue doing so for our future's sake... Heaven bless them.

On a post script note, I have still heard nothing from the other three who have my manuscript. "The Other Three". Now there's a phrase that chills me to the bone. In any case, maybe this really is the end of the road. I have already received an acceptance letter to BYU-IDAHO and BYU's is due (whether rejection or acceptance) next Friday. Maybe all of this is a sign that my writing should be put aside for a while. Maybe my future is calling and writing that book gave me everything I needed to answer. Maybe the act of writing this story has given me more than publishing it ever could. Maybe these things are true and maybe not. Either way, these thoughts have kept me sane through the many long, torturous months I've seen.

Happy Valentine's day... Happy year of 2010... Happy, Happy, Happy (Sometimes you've just got to repeat it over and over until it's an emotion you feel)

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