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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Query Shark

I was so naive at the beginning of this process. I thought to myself... Self, I will write a book and spend every waking moment on it for nearly four years, send it to a publisher and spend my days looking through glass windows at my name in print!! Okay, so while I was not quite that optimistic, I certainly didn't think I would go for nearly eight months of standard form rejection letters. Enter query shark.

I read about query shark in this month's Writer's Digest magazine. I was so excited. Janet Reid is a literary agent at Fineprint Lit based in New York City. Well, apparently she hosts a blog for young hopefuls such as I who all too often receive standard form rejection letters as opposed to actual replies. On her blog, you can submit you query letter and she will slash it to pieces (literally... there is a reason her blog is called Query SHARK!!!). I have not submitted my query letter as I am a 100%, born and raised coward, but reading all the posted shreds of query letters and her responses has made me re-organize my own quite a bit.

For anyone who has ever considered getting ANYTHING published (in which case you really will need a query letter), I URGE you to visit her blog here.

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