A former teenage author turned twenty and her stabs at writing life and living to write.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lesylia Grey was eight years old when her mother sent her running through a dark forest all alone. The next morning found Lesylia asleep in a meadow and her parents dead in their car from a supposed crash. No one could explain it and no one tried.

Now, on the brink of her eighteenth birthday, Lesylia is being thrown to one more relative and returning to the place where it all happened, the cold landscape of a small Alaskan town. But living in the darkness takes its toll.

Dreams begin invading her mind, presenting five oddly dressed beings that, like her, all have sparkling silver eyes. Reality though will take a turn when her dreams come to life, revealing a magical race, one to which she belongs, one from which her parents ran away, and one that now needs her help.

With the five others in her coven, Lesylia must come to an understanding of the power that rests in her blood, the reality she sees in her dreams, and the dark secret of her mother’s locket. Lesylia must lead an army into Jhevalia to fight against The Order, her parents’ murderers, to save her own mortal world from complete annihilation.

But as they near the battleground, Lesylia’s psychic power foretells the brutal slayings of every member in her coven and she is left with a choice. What would she be willing to sacrifice to save them?

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