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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Wonderfulness, Splendidity-ness that are Mothers

No matter how the definition of a mother changes in the world, my heart will always look to the amazing woman who gave me life, who kissed my tears away, who took on my problems and concerns as her own; that is what a mother is to me.

If you've known or had a mother like I did, she's the most beautiful woman in your eyes. And not because she studiously applies her makeup every morning, or because she wears the nicest clothes. It's not about the length of her lashes or the height of her heel.

She radiates love and warmth and safety. Her arms are always open and wherever she is is a place of safety. I remember times as a child sitting in my mother's room talking with her, or lying in bed reading with her; and in those moments I knew I was completely safe and wholly loved.

I'm so grateful to my mother for everything she gave to me, and everything she gave up for me. Most importantly all the time she gave to me; time she well could have used for other things. But my mom was there. She was present. At every recital, at every music lesson, through every emotional crisis (like what socks I could possibly wear now that my purple ones were dirty), every day picking me up from school (even though usually a little late).

Though taken away from me early, I realize how much of her I got; and for that I am truly grateful.

For a woman who had four children closely spaced together (the first of whom was born when she was only twenty), I can't fathom how she managed to raise them. And then, I came twelve years after my closest sibling, and when my mom was in her late thirties. So it's needless to say that my mom was always a mother. And in my eyes, there was no one better at it.

Mom, I miss you more that I could ever express; so much sometimes it just hurts. You have always been the woman I'm trying to become, and sometimes it seems as though I'll never find my way to who you were (and still are).

I spent the majority of the day today looking through old pictures and trying to piece together what my mother was like at my age. And this is what I found. A beautiful woman, inside and out.

Um, yes. I do believe she's pouring a drink down her future husband's back. Go mom!

Ha, I love it! My dad's dancing with my mom's roommate, and she's just giving him the eye. 

Happy Mothers Day, everyone. I'm grateful for all the amazing mothers that I've had an opportunity to know in my life. From neighbors and ward members who have pretty much adopted me all the way to my sister Jen, who just recently became a mom herself. And of course my other sister, Melanie, who has been the best example of what a mother is in my adult life and what it means to love and be there for your kids.

Just one more thing. If you are able, tell your mom what she means to you. Don't let the opportunity pass you by. She deserves it!


  1. Laura, I never got a chance to know your mom. Thanks for sharing these insights. I see so much of her in all of her children. The pictures are wonderful and it's fun to see her personality shine through. What a wonderful tribute you've written to her!